Social media space is a brilliant place for marketing your products. Consistency of actions is the key. Engaging with the audience everyday is everything so you might be interested in some useful tips for doing that.

1. Quotes that are related to industry

Use powerful insights from guru is your industry and people will be easily inclined to spread these ideas (and your social media source).

2. The way of using your product

Show your audience how they can use what you sell via vivid shots, videos, etc. Take GoPro as an example with their beautiful scenes made by their product.

3. GIFs/animations

This simple but effective type of posts can skyrocket the activity in comments. Use it with downloaded apps/online editors.

4. Surveys

Use this tool to gather information on which sides of your products your customer like more etc. This also increases the audiences’ engagement.

5. Celebrate strange holidays

Strange/obscure holidays can be a great source for expanding your reach and building good relationships with customers. Inform them on obscure holidays and they will return to learn something unusual and useful.

6. Competitions

For gaining more exposure, create contests from time to time. Don’t forget about great presents for winners! This will help you to maintain good relationships with your clients.

7. Content sharing

In case if you write a blog, you should share it with your customers. It’s always good for them to know better a person they buy from.

8. Reviews

These can be done in text or picture format. Ask your current clients to post their experience in your product/service to gain popularity and trust.

9. Presents

Inform your audience on a chance to win a price by commenting, posting reviews and doing other things in social media. Performing this can crucially increase the number of followers for your business.

10. Behind the scenes

Post photos and videos of your business’ inside. Showing some secrets of your industry is a good idea in café if you want to build trustworthy relationships with clients.

11. Flash insights

Everyone loves intrigue and secrets. Even your clients, when it comes to products they buy. Tease them, show them little pieces of secrets and exclusive materials and keep them waiting – it’ll work in the end!