Two years ago, Instagram stole one feature from another app: Snapchat. Thus, Snapchat Stories became suddenly Instagram Stories.

Instagram versus Snapchat.

There was a problem with Instagram: people had to post only luxury photos from their vacations, eating out in beautiful restaurants, etc. But not so many people do it every day. As it was said, the biggest problem was in people’s fear of posting too amazing shots. They needed to have something easier: to share something with somebody without hanging it on a museum wall. Thus, stories became this alternative: easy and quick. Some time later it was evident; that was Instagram’s best move. Due to stories, Instagram got 400m users in a short period of time. Snapchat’s growth was negative otherwise. It had lost almost 3m users in the quarter.

Instagram Stories versus Snapchat daily active users.

Perhaps, people weren’t under high pressure anymore when posting new photos to Instagram.
Stories are much easier way of vlogging. You can do it on the go with no need of video editors.
They are opposite to tedious and large vlogs, they engage the audience due to vertical format of videos.
Stickers, GIFs, polls and other features just do stories fresh and more interactive.
Unlike Snapchat, Instagram offered already-formed network of friends, business partners, celebrities, etc. Snapchat, on the other hand, it made mostly for private messaging via photos and videos.
Another smart move – placing stories on the top of a page where everyone can see it.
Just one flaw – inability of reposting. That was fixed with users’ screenshots of precise stories and sharing these with followers.
Instagram fixed reposting problem with stories in June.

How big is Instagram stories?

Instagram has the audience of 400m users. And, maybe it’s the fastest-growing media platform ever.
Lele Pons is the most popular actress who gained her popularity on Vine, generated more views due to Instagram Stories last year than someone else in our world, even than Brazilian soccer star Neymar and Kim Kardashian.

Lele Pons.

Also people tend to spend more time in Instagram than before. In the US an average Andriod-app user spends about 1 hour per day in the app, that’s twice more than a year earlier. We can’t say it’s related to stories, but there is something to think about.
Stories of Instagram has a unique feature, said Rich Greenfield, an analyst of BTIG, – perfect blend of images, stickers, GIFs and video. He also added, it all makes stories very attractive for users and brings new feelings into Instagram.

Minutes spent per day on social apps.

There are many opportunities for marketers: stories can be used for that purpose as well. That’s the thing many big companies strived. Now they have all the chances to let dollars flow through Instagram.
COO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg said that it’s too early to use stories for monetizing products/services.
Sandberg didn’t know whether this would be monetized at the same rate as Facebook’s News Feed or not.
There is no problem with advertisers’ demands, that’s the issue with a “new” vertical video format. It’s new for advertisers for promoting what they promote. Surely, there will be time for integrating ads to this format.
From a strategic point of view, Instagram has an enormous potential in financial growth due to Stories appearance. Keeping in mind that profit and revenue are lagging figures, so there will be a colossal impact related to Stories.

Stories are extremely popular.

Stories are extremely popular and Instagram views young people – the main audience – as pioneers who started watching television when it appeared.

How often have you watched Stories on Instagram in the past 12 months?

IGTV – is a TV’s version by Instagram. It seems, using it didn’t become viral compared to Stories. And we have to wait a bit longer and see how it will work. And will it after all? We’ll see.
Anyway, Instagram was able to perform at its best ant turn a stolen feature into a really big hit.
With the time passed, we can now say that Instagram’s version of Snapchat’s Stories was way better concerning engaging of audience and growth of users due to it.