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Professional Marketing In Instagram

Our online service includes all the services that professionals need, that’s why they choose us.

Unique proxy technology
We are the ones who solve the problem of your Instagram account always getting blocked. Use our app for your Mac or PC as a free and fast proxy server.
All In One
You don’t need any other services for marketing. We can do everything for Instagram. Only one IP address is enough for all the work you need to do.
Our service works on any device. You don't need to download or install any application. All of your team can work with a web-interface.
You can tune everything for your work that can be tuned using our filters and options, they make our service very productive.
High Speed
We have a clear price policy. You can use the highest speed and you won’t be charged additionally. You can use our fast servers with no limits.
Get the full statistics for your campaigns. It's very important not to work blindly. We've got all the data you need.
No Bags, No Errors
Our service has always the highest level of support. All the functions work well. Our development team controls everything 24/7.
Always Expand
We've already created some rocket science for Instagram, but we don’t stop at this and are still in the process of creating new features.
Your Language
English, Español, Persian, Norsk, Português, Deutsche, Arabic, Korean, Русский, Türk, Polskie, Hewbry and other.

Promoted Accounts

Our service has already more than 17000 promoted accounts in the system and more than 13000 happy customers.


Filters and Settings

To get the maximum effect from one account you need to filter your targets. We have all these settings that you can optimize and maximize for promotion because of Instagram limits.



Our development team today consists of 15 professionals that will ensure your satisfaction with high-level professional online service needs.



Our service uses one IP address for all of your work. And you don’t need to open the account on your phone. Because of that, Instagram thinks that it’s only one person – and that’s why our users don’t get blocked. Only all-in-one system can provide it.


How can our Instagram bot get you real followers? The bot does these activities for you: it Follows real people, Likes and writes Comments, views Stories. People get notifications that you did this or that and follow you back. These are the best targeting ideas:

Other Pages

When you target the pages of your competitors, our Instagram bot attracts their followers by using the same methods on them.


You can target the local place by the name in any country.


You can attract followers who put specific hashtags. You can choose between hashtag owners and hashtag lovers.

Custom List

You can upload a file with any Instagram target accounts that you prefer for following, liking and commenting.


Only active followers, Check gender, Media age, Skip used accounts, Skip 10% accounts, Skip private users, Max followers, Max following, Min posts, Skip business accounts, Skip accounts with a web site, Skip accounts with phone number, Select Languages, Black list.


Options: Activity speed, Night pause, Min & Max likes, Unfollow scheduling, Min following days, Following threshold, Unfollow number, White list for unfollow. Limits: Follow (day/hour), Unfollow (day/hour), Likes (day/hour), Comments (day/hour), Viewing stories (day/hour).

Direct Message

We create the Sales Funnel for your marketing. It is very important to convert your visitors into customers. You should always communicate with your visitors with the purpose of getting feedback or attracting their attention once again.

You can add a Picture & Emojis or a Clickable Link. Use a Filter and Pauses not to get the attention of Instagram limits.

Messages to New Followers

Rise your conversion to the highest level by automated direct messages for each of your visitors. You can use A/B testing to create the best Welcome message.

Messages to a Custom List

Another way to tell your news is by messaging. The post you have made may go unnoticed, that’s why the important news should come in a Direct Message only.

Comment Tracker

You should always pay attention and react at comments to your post. Don’t ignore your customers or followers.

Online Commenting

You can reply to comments to your Instagram posts online using any device you prefer. Read all the incoming comments for all of your photos in a single feed.

Important & Resolved

Mark comments as Important to get back to them later. And when you have already reacted to a comment, mark it as Resolved.


Sometimes we want to be rude to users who write nasty comments. But let’s be smarter and just get rid of them.


All the comments, both incoming and your replies to them are saved and you can revisit them. Just navigate to All and read them again.

Post Scheduler

You should always attract people’s attention by at least one new post in two days. If you use our built-in post schedules, you can publish any number of posts directly from your computer.

Date & Time

Schedule your posts and publish them at the best time to increase people’s engagement. It’s very important to post at the best time to increase your conversion.

Pictures & Videos

You can easily schedule the time for posting your Instagram pictures and videos, and in the near future you will be able to schedule your stories as well.

Location & Watermark

You can choose a location for your post too. Protect your content by using a watermark.

First Comment

You can add the whole text to your post despite the existing limit of 2000 characters.

Buy real Instagram followers

To attract new followers, your account should be popular and interesting for people. It is the one of the necessary steps to promote a new account. Our service will attract new real visitors to your page 24/7.

  • 1 connected account
  • Unlimited Speed
  • Auto Follow & Unfollow
  • Auto Like (It Works!)
  • Auto Comment
  • Auto Viewing Stories
  • Competitors Followers Targeting
  • Hashtag Targeting
  • Geolocation Targeting
Direct Message
  • 1 connected account
  • Automated Message to New Followers
  • Automated Message to a Custom List
  • Bulk Message to All Your Followers
  • Message For Each of Your Campaigns
  • Add a Picture & Emojis
  • Add a Clickable Link
  • Automatic Pause
  • Multiple Filter
Comment Tracker
  • 1 connected account
  • Mark Comments as Read
  • Mark Comments as Important
  • Mark Comments as Resolved
  • Answer to Comments
  • View Comments History
  • Add emojis
  • Multiple Filter
  • Delete Spam Comments
Scheduled Posting
  • 1 connected account
  • Video & Image Posting
  • Add Location & First Comment
  • Add Caption & Emojis
  • Delayed Post Removal
  • Draft Posts
  • Upload Your Watermark
  • Reply or Delete Comments
  • Pre-order Extra Likes and Views


It may be too hard for you to manage your account, but no problem – we can satisfy all your needs.

We can manage your account to target people, make a content plan and do all the other work for you.


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